Jay Z and Solange

Previously thee beloved, Jay Z, and his wife, the amazing Beyonce, and even her sister Solange, were in an elevator after a Met Gala party. On elevator camera Solange was very testy towards Jay Z, and even began attacking him. Meanwhile Beyonce just stood, silently. Thither was a elevator video, which was recorded for proof. Solange went crazy attacking Jay z. The people kept wondering why, solange hast did that, but f’r anon thither is no reason. I  wonder wherefore beyonce did not stop the fight, instead she just stood their.  Haply jay z deserv’d what happened to him.  After the incident Solange was seen with jay z and they look’d fine, I guess they barri’d that past behind them, ‘r thats just in front of the, Paparazzi.

Above are Jay Z, Beyonce, Solange leaving the Met Gala After Party

Selena Made Austin Cry ?

Lately, 21 year old, Selena Gomez has been cleaning her instagram, by unfollowing everyone.  Instagram is an extremley popular application on the iphone and android store, which allows you to post photos. It also allows you to chat with anybody. Now Selena unfollowed many of her friends including, Taylor Swift, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Austin Mahone and even more people on Instagram. I think this is lamentable news, and Austin Mahone obviously agrees. Austin was interviewed at the Radio Disney Music Awards saying on Saturday in Los Angeles, Calif. Austin  shed “a single tear” after finding the “Come & Get It” singer no longer followed his account. The fact that Selena unfollowed a lot of people made many people odious towards her.  Selena Gomez also won three awards at the Radio Disney Music Awards, but she was not there to accept her awards, which I find very ironic. I do understand that Selena Gomez is going through a lot and that she wants space from people, because now she is becoming a very lofty singer and actress and deserves to be noticed for her awards because her album was a progeny, but I guess she doesn’t want to be noticed, for the moment. You might think that its crazy how Austin cried, but I would have probably done the same, because I strongly admire Selena Gomez. Now many people including the paparazzi, have entreated Selena about this, but Selena tries her best to ignore them, which is what I would do because, sometimes people need to be think in peace, and not asked. In addition the paparazzi can be very vexing. Now many of Selena’s friends or maybe ex friends felt marred when she unfollowed them, Austin was’nt the only one. I absolutely  know that Selena is a sweet, kind, loving person who would never hurt a fly, but I guess she was mad or in a bad mood when she followed all of her friends. Plus I don’t think she meant to do anything against them. In addition  Selena Gomez went to Coachella, about a week ago with the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie and posted a photo of the three on. Later this week, when she unfollowed all her buds, she also deleted the photos of her and the Jenner sisters in instagram Coachella. I know I am also wondering why! I guess she just wants some space. Trust me its very normal for celebrities to want space because their always surrounded by the Paparazzi and by the fans. Tune in to know when Selena is ready to be back. We will be the first to let you know. Adieu for now.

Above are Selena Gomez, and Austin Mahone.


Above are Selena Gomez (Middle.) Kendall Jenner (Right.) Kylie Jenner (Right) In Coachella.



Lamentable- Wretched, deperoable or distressing ( unfortunate.)

Odious-  Causing hatred or great dislike.

Ironic-  Something that is very unexpected.

Lofty- very high and good : deserving to be admired

Progeny- A result of creative, effort, a product.

Entreat- To ask a person.

Vexing/Vexation- The act of annoying or irritating someone.

Mar/Marred- To inflict damage.





Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/austin-mahone-jokes-he-cried-after-selena-gomez-unfollows-him-2014284#ixzz30HZObY7c


Her long brown hair was everywhere.

She got asked on many dates, that were all very great.

She never told the girls her secret, because she knew they would not keep it.

All the Boys say she is as beautiful as a swan, and as shy as a squirrel.

When the guys see her they melt because she is way too hot, they cant stand her beauty, and neither can you.

Baby North’s Photo shoot

Kim Kardashian, the hottest, and sexiest reality star, had a Vogue Magazine cover, with her soon to be husband, Kanye West and adorable, cute baby North West. I honestly think that its crazy for a baby that’s eight months to have a photo shoot, but I guess for the Kardashians, everything is normal, after all they act super crazy on their hit reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. When Kim was referring to the photo shoot she reviled that North peed on her dad, during the middle of the shoot, disgusting right? Eugh I find that repulsive! I honestly see that North is very young and shouldn’t be exposed to the world now, I mean she’s only 8 months she should at least wait until she is three or two. Kim also did state that North did not have makeup, because she Kim wanted her to look natural. You have got to be kidding me, of course she didn’t have make up on I mean she’s 8 months for the love of god! I feel like Kim used being natural as an excuse for not to put makeup, because its something that Kim would so do!  Kim also said that she wanted her daughter to look realistic. Kanye did say that he didn’t want baby North to be in the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians because he doesn’t want her to be on tv and the internet, he thinks she’s to young to be exposed, and I definitely agree. Kims, older sister Kourtney thought that the photo shoot was very cute since it showed the whole, family. I also did because that is the first time we see the whole family together and now we saw North all grown up and she looks cuter than ever. Kim Kardashian and Kanye were honored to, be in the photo shoot with their daughter, and they were more than happy to pose, dramatically. Kim said she knew their was a family photo to be taken, but she didn’t know it would go on the cover of Vogue.  Once this magazine is sold is published I am sure that people will start talking, and I will start typing. Some people love it, meanwhile others will talk rubbish, but Kim and Kanye shouldn’t care because as long as they love it thats the important thing. For more on the scandalous, crazy lives of the Kardashians tune into E! online or check  my blog for more of the Kardashians who’s drama will never end.

Above is the family photo, where North tinkled on Kanye.

Performance at the White House !

 Not only did, Americas darling, Ariana Grande release her new successful album “Yours Truly,” but she performed in front of the President, Obama, and his wife, at the White House on Thursday night (March 6th.) Ariana started out on Nickelodeon on the hit show “Victorious” after the third and final season. Ariana decided to start a different show on Nickeolodeon, “Sam and Cat” because she did not want to say goodbye to the favored kids satellite television network. Ariana released her debut album “Yours Truly” on August 30, 2013. I definitley do think that Ariana has an incredible singing voice, that can go extraordinarily to a high pitch, which is very challenging, but Ariana can reach a amazingly high pitch. In addition, Ariana sounds exactly the same live as on your ipod, thats how flawless her voice is. Therefore the First Lady, Michelle Obama arranged a concert of the “Women of Soul,” where Ariana was invited to share her unbelievablefascinating talent. Thereafter Ariana was  honored. Meanwhile, the concert included; Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Melissa Etheridge, Janelle Monae, Tessanne Chin, Jill Scott and, of course, Ariana Grande. Now Ariana, was the youngest, so I think Ariana should definitely be very proud of herself, she is only twenty years old.. The President and his voice seemed to definitely enjoy the concert, based on the pleasing looks on their faces. Now Ariana performed Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” ( Obviously Ariana has performed this many times in the past so she’s mastered the song by now.)  Moreover she performed her  original song “Tattooed Heart”, that comes from her number one debut album “Yours Truly.” Overall  I definitley know that Ariana will become something huge in the future because she has a lot of talent. Plus I find it very amazing how she started out on a broadway show and now ended up having a number one album. Thats a wrap for today, for more about your favorite celebs, including Ariana tune into my blog.

Ariana Grande – The White House Performance


Ariana Grande Performing at The White House

Successful- Something, that works out.

Favored- Something that is loved.

Debut- First

Extraordinary- Beyond what is ordinary or believable.

Challenging- Something that is very hard to achieve. 

Flawless- Something that is perfect.

Unbelievable- Something that is very hard to believe.  

Fascinating- Something that is amazing.

Honored-  Respect that is given to someone who is admired.

Proud-  Being very happy and pleased because of something you have done.

Pleasing- Being happy.


Are they back ?

Above are Justin and Selena leaving starbucks in Texas.Justins Instagram post about Selena, at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 2014.

He booked a whole theater for her, he took her to a private luxury resort on St. Lucia island, to spend New Years. He also took her on a romantic trip to Miami. Not only that, he even took her to Hawaii. Plus they were seen hand in hand at The Vanity Fair Oscar Party, on 2011. You guessed it its Justin and Selena, or also known as Jelena. On November, 9th 2012, I was so excited to hear, that Selena and Justin broke up, because I knew that Selena would be single for me. Justin started to act crazy, go to clubs, parties, got his self in jail while he was single. Meanwhile Selena seemed happier than ever and focused on her acting and music career. The two were seen together but they were on and off, and sources have been told that they were seen “just as friends.” Even though the two had a very tough, history the seemed to dig the past behind, because they were seen together on Friday, March 7 at a Texas Starbucks. Bieber,  was photographed leading the way, leaving starbucks, Selena was following him trying to keep a low profile, in a hoodie. Furthermore, US Weekly tells us that Bieber had nothing to do so he flew from Miami to Texas just to meet her. I would fly from China to the U.S meet with her. Selena just got out of rehab because of  a substance overdose, Source says the reason she had a overdose was because of  Bieber being a bad infulence. In addition recently justin posted a picture of Selena on Instagram and called her an the “Most Elegant Princess” Source tells us that when Selena saw that she started laughing hysterically, and called it “stupid and childish.” That occured before there get together at starbucks.  As a result I think that it would be healthier for Selena if she stayed away from Bieber. I do love Selena with all my heart and I want the best for her. Not to mention that if Selena was single she would definitely consider spending the rest of her life with me. For more on this on and off duo, tune into my blog, or on to Channel E!. 

Above are Justin and Selena back in 2011, at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.












Drake and Rihanna ?

On the 24th of february, of 2014, Drake has a concert at the Palais Omnisports, in Paris as part of his tour. Not only was the concert incredible, but Rihanna joined him on the stage, and sang, Take Care with Drake. In addition Rihanna sang her number one hit pour it up. The pair got very close to each other on stage, while they were dancing with each other. There was definitely a lot of tension, and chemistry between them.  I find it romantic how the two might have a thing, I mean he’s single she’s single why not ? After the incredible show, Drake and Rihanna were both seen together in Club 77. “She didn’t want to be seen at all,” an onlooker tells UsMagazine. Looks like Rihanna wants to keep it a secret, I mean I don’t blame her the paparazzi must be crazy, insane, and very annoying. Thats not the only time the two were seen together, they were also spotted having a exotic dinner together the night before, at L’Avenue. Looks like the two had a blast in Paris. It is called the city of love for a reason. They did previously date in late 2013, but haven’t been seen together until now, I guess there feelings for each other jumped back. Now it definitely looks like this couple cant get enough of each other, because they never let go of each other in Paris. For now it looks like the two want to keep it a secret, and aren’t official yet, but trust me in a week or two you will definitely see the two hand in hand on the red carpet. Do you think the couple will stay together or do you think that Paris just has a magical spell that ties them together ? For more on these fantastic artists, and other fascinating celebrities tune into my blog.

Above are Drake and Rihanna in Club 77 in Paris.

Above are Rihanna and Drake sining together at  the Palais Omnisports.



They’re Engaged !

Today I am going to talk, about your beloved, favorite, and main Kardashian, Kim! She got engaged, and this time its not  a basketball player, but its your favorite superficial, rapper Kanye West. They got engaged on Kim’s 33rd birthday, at AT&T  baseball Park in San Francisco. Kanye had arranged for the words ‘PLEEESE MARRY MEEE!!!’ to jump up on the giant scoreboard. Sounds romantic huh? It is surprising and fascinating how Kanye planned the engangment on Kims birthday, but I honestly think that this relationship wont last. I dont know if its kanyes 7 failed relationships or if its Kim’s failed marriage that lasted for 72 days with basketball player, Kris Humphries, but I doubt that this relationship will last. Previously in 2013, Kim gave birth to her first baby girl, North West who was born on June, 15, 2013 and is now eight months. I also do think that Baby North West might possibly, tie this couple together. If Kim and Kanye had issues, or arguments North would give them a reason not to break up. Right now the couple seems happier than ever and are planning to get married this summer in the city of love, Paris. We do not know what the future holds. This couple might be happier than Romeo and Juliet, or might be as bad as Kim and Kanyes previous relationships. If you want to know more about the Kardashians tune into channel E! and watch the klutzy, kooky reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardahshians.


Beloved- Someone that everybody loves and or looks up to.

Superficial- Someone who looks up to themselves.

Fascinating- When something is cool or amazing.

Failed- Something that doesn’t work out.

Issues- Problems.

Tie- Bring together.

Break up- When a relationship doesn’t work out.

Argument- When people don’t agree on something.

Klutzy- When someone is clumsy.

Kooky- When someone is crazy.

Previous- Before, or old.